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We are set out to bring the people of this earth “the church” closer to the Lord and His way of life, both digital and in real life. Our goal is met by taking advantage of this technological world, and using this network to unite His people. His love will spread throughout all the nations.


We are a Social Media Online Church Network

  • Social - a place to talk about life
  • Media - a place to share photos, videos, and literature
  • Online - access through multiple platforms; mobile, desktop, tablet
  • Church - we the people are the church
  • Network - uniting the followers of christ

What makes us different then other networks, our core focus is Jesus Christ and His way of Life, we are set out to bring his Love into all of the communities and nations. 


The future of Jcmovement:

Followers of Christ United

Churches United

Local and National groups

Local Individual Support

Local Church Support 

Local Growth

Face to Face Interventions

Local Events and Gatherings

Prayer Events that changes the Nation

Spiritual Growth

Growth in Knowledge about the Bible

An Understanding about the Life of Jesus and the Bible

And More....



connect with other followers

share the influence Jesus has had in your life

share thoughts on biblical topic

share testimonial and praise report

share photos and videos

share local events and gatherings

share life changing events

gain knowledge through the bible, sermons, and teachings

join together in prayer

join together against un-godly events

join in fellowship through small groups and local churches

listen and watch worship videos


The Jcmovement Community,

It is a place to get connected with other followers of Christ, both in the digital world and the in real life world.

It is a place to express your Love for the Lord.

It is a place to ask questions about the Lord.

It is a place to start your journey with the Lord.

It is a place gain knowledge and grow your understand about the Lord.

Its is a place to feel at home, and the comfort of the Lord.

It is a place for broken people that are looking for change through hope, peace, love, and joy.

It is a place to grow with your walk in the Lord. 

It is a place to grow your daily life and live a lifestyle as Jesus did when he walked this earth. 


Here at Jcmovement our belief is based off the Bible and the teaching of Jesus Christ. Love one another. We are followers of Christ, we are His church. His Anointing. Jesus came to died for our sins, and rose again to sit at the right hand of God. He left us his, Holy Spirit to influence our daily lives. We are made to bring Glory to the Lord. Thank You Jesus.


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Getting all set for the next Chapter!

Jcmovement added a video. 2 months ago

Exciting today we are starting the full reading of the Living Word. Join in.

The Living Word - Beginning to End Non Stop -...

WELCOME TO JCMOVEMENTWe are set out to bring the people of this earth “the church” closer to the Lord and His way of life, both digital and in real...

Lisa Coughlin These readings help my whole attitude change. Atmosphere changer! 2 months ago
Jcmovement Awesome, looks like it did not save the whole reading live stream. Will have to do it by book so we have the recordings. 2 months ago